Lana Kova ~ Cocoons ~ at Sara Japanese Pottery

March 1st 2017 one night only exhibition
Opening reception March 1st 6pm to 8pm


Lana Kova, "Cocoons",

February 6th, 2017.
I heard Lana finished the firing for her new series, "Cocoons", and went to her studio in Tribeca.
Against the black wall by the windows, there were three white sculptures. The pieces were one size smaller compared to the time I saw them before they were fired.The dimensions are like nothing I've seen before. The entire piece is covered in infinite carvings that flow together then move apart like a school of tiny fish suddenly changing course of direction.The slight of each carving changes and shows a different flow.As a group, their individuality appears stronger. Lana is starting to make larger works. The March 1st opening will show us.

2017年、2月6日。Lanaの新しいシリーズ "Cocoons" の焼成が終わったというのを聞き、トライベッカの彼女のスタジオに足を運んだ。 窓際の黒い壁の前に3つの白い彫刻が置いてあった。 製作途中を見た時よりは焼成によって一回り小さくなったが、かつてない大きさの作品だ。 無数の削られたあとが、流れのように繋がって、離れて、小魚の群れの急激な方向転換のように作品全体に現れている。 作品ごとに彫りの大きさが微妙に違い、流れの違いを感じる。それがグルーピングした時に、 より個性的にお互いを引き立てている。 より大きい作品を製作し始めたLana。 3月1日のオープニングには、大きな作品を見ることが出来そうだ。

Hot Pots. Group show opens this saturday in Clay Art Center, Port Chester NY.

I'm happy to be a part of this great big show at Clay Art Center. 

What was once thought of as a simple vessel with historical roots and centuries of tradition has today developed into vessels with lots to say; the pot has turned HOT. Co-curators, Judith Schwartz, Ph.D. and Adam Chau present HOT POTS, the  last installment of a year of programs, symposia, workshops and exhibitions that highlight the ceramic art of those artists who live in the New York metropolitan area. From sculptural vessels to functional pottery, fifty artists have been invited to share their current expression. They live and work within our region building careers and adding to the craft/clay community. Some focus on the vessel format, while others use the vessel as a stepping stone toward more sculptural concerns. Some choose humor, gesture, movement, color, form or pattern as motifs, but whatever the style they share a passion for the clay pot as a core principle of understanding and aesthetic involvement with ceramics.


In addition, the new IN OUR BACKYARD catalog, featuring  all 5 exhibits from January to November 2016 will be unveiled and available at the preview and opening reception.


Participating Artists include:

David Alban, Jocelyn Armstrong, Posey Bacopoulos, Barry Bartlett, Hayne Bayless, Eve Behar, Jenny Blumenfield, Beth Bolgia, Bob Clyatt, William Coggin, Bryan Czibesz, Gary Dipasquale, Kathy Erteman, Suzy Goodelman, Lynn Goodman, Chris Gustin, Louise Harter, Susan Heller, Sin-Ying Ho, Judith Eloise Hooper, Waldo Jones, Lana Kova, Shida Kuo, Haakon Lenzi, Kate Missett, Puneeta Mittal, Tony Moore, Anne Mulford, Sana Musasama, Nicholas Newcomb, Matt Nolen, Janice Patrignani, Frances Palmer, Doug Peltzman, Brenda Quinn, Barbara Rocco, Tim Rowan, Lindsey Schneider, Bruce Sherman, Anat Shiftan, Phillis Kudder Sullivan, Julie Tesser, Kevin Thomas, Joan Walton, Dustin Yager, Arnie Zimmerman


About the Curators:

Judith S. Schwartz, Ph. D., serves on Clay Art Center’s Board of Directors and is a Professor at New York University, and Head of Sculpture: Craft Media Area, teaching studio courses in undergrad and graduate area sculpture and mixed media. She is a curator and author of national and international exhibitions and articles on contemporary ceramics, and author of Confrontational Ceramics, (A & C Black, London and University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008). Curator of All Fired Up for the Westchester Arts Council which featured her exhibition, Confrontational Ceramics and most recently curator of InCiteful Clay which is currently touring the 2014-2017. She is an honorary member of NCECA, a J. D. Rockefeller III grantee and received the Everson Museum’s award for excellence in art education, Fulbright Senior Specialist to the National School of Art and Design, Dublin, and educator of the year award Renwick Museum of Art, Washington, DC.


Adam Chau is an administrator for Clay Art Center’s Adult Education and Exhibitions programs. He has worked internationally in the design field, notably at Atelier Ted Noten in The Netherlands and Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. His education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has brought him to research the effects of digital technology in studio ceramics. Recent publications include Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and Ceramics Technical. His symposium on digital ceramics will take place at Clay Art Center in September 2017. 



 Blue Dots Big Bowl. Lana Kova   

Blue Dots Big Bowl. Lana Kova


Group Show at La Mano Pottery

I'm pleased to be a part of new show at the studio where I worked with clay during last two years. La Mano Pottery feels like home to me. Its quiet set up helped me to concentrate and create during this productive time. I will be showing my new sculptural work and my dots pottery in this show.

Opening reception April 10th, 5.30-8pm

La Mano Pottery, 110 West 26 street, New York, NY.

The show will run until May, 8th. 

Nature Morte. Ceramic art exhibition @250WB

LANA KOVA will be showing her new ceramic work and photographs at the Pop Up gallery 250WB in Tribeca, NY

Over past two years Lana traveled extensively to emerge herself in wild nature at the tops of mountains and on glaciers of Alaska, in the volcanic inland and coastal black wetlands of Iceland, in tropical plantations and coral beaches of Barbados. Here comes the show that unite these far apart locations. After observing patterns of organic world  Lana created series of textured works in hand painted ceramic surfaces and carved sculptures.

Conscious and caring about environment, Lana wants to bring the feeling of happiness and harmony with nature to people of New York. "It's important for everyone to understand the fragility of nature and that we are responsible for its healthy future. "-LK.     

nature morte

November, 15/16 & November, 22/23, 2014   11am - 6pm

during the week november 17-21 by appointments only, email to

250 West Broadway 3 floor New York 10013 NY. 

Opening reception November 14th 6-8PM.